"It's great!, the best sandwich in town!" - Dan

"We need more Chacareros around!" - Vanessa

"Awesome!" - Shawn

"The rest of Boston doesn't know what they're missing! Oh, and you must get it extra Hot!" - Paul

"Like everyone here at work, I have Chacarero's five days a week! - Anthony

"I finally tried this sandwich and honestly admit that I am addicted! They are like nothing I've ever tried before!" - Amelia

"The chicken is so tender!" - Debbie

"I'm a pregnant woman and I crave these Chacareros!" - Maggie

"I've been in Iraq in the Army for the past six months and just got home and tried a Large Chicken Chacarero sandwich. I must say that this sandwich is amazing and I am addicted!" - Chris

"We just had the best Chacarero catered event and my boss LOVED IT!" - Susan

"Mmmmmmm!" - Jacob

"Simply the best sandwich in town!!!!!" - Biff

"It's my favorite sandwich in Boston, It's healthy. Different. Spicy. I wish there were more places to buy it." - John

"I just ate my 85th chacarero - it was awesome!" - Rick


"I'm Hooked!" - Patrick

"I'm closing in on 100 chacareros! - I love them more than life itself!!!
and the help is very nice and fun & courteous!!!" - Richard

"I tell all of my friends that your sandwich must be made with nicotine because I am absolutely addicted to them. After I get done eating one, I immediately want another one even though I am not hungry because your sandwich is so large and filling." - Patrick

"Best sandwich in town hands down. I can't get enough!" - Jason Johnston-Mason

"Unbelievable. I just had my first one ever. Large, BBQ, combo with everything and I know I will be back every Friday" - Matt Smith

I give you my personal guarantee that the Chacarero is the greatest sandwich you will eat in your lifetime, however, mildly addicting. Three a week for the past few years, and every day they still get better. - Adam Furgal

The best ever!Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Chacarero!!!!!!!!! - Andy and Jim

Tasty, delicious and worth the wait! - Alicia

I've lost track of how many I've had, I just know they are damn good. -

I have been working in the Boston area for almost 3 years now and the Chacarero sandwiches taste better then ever! I think its still the best sandwich in town! - Magan

“Mmm, The Chacerero chicken sandwich is delicious! It is so spicy, yet so delicious. (Jones being Jones)” – Matt Jones

I had my first Chacarero Vegetarian sandwich – extra hot of course – nearly 8 years ago. I have since moved from Boston, but still dream of this tasty creation years later – people, there is nothing like it! It is THAT good. - Reshma

"it was so good, i saved some, and then ate it like 20 mins later, i lost all control" - my first Chacarero experience. - Colin McKee

I have been going to Chacarero for 5 years almost 3 times a week. Then I got a new job and in the winter it is a pain to go up and down the Hill for lunch. The ONLY thing that is worth braving the elements for is knowing how good that veggie Chacerero is going to taste! - Jill

“Pour some Chacarero on me.”- Sam

"Chacarero’s is amazing. It started out with two of us going every Thursday and we are now up to 14 and growing. The sandwich is so delicious that I spend my entire week counting down the days till I can get another. It is the perfect combination of food that somehow literally hits every taste bud on your tongue." - Doug

"Lo mas grande...CHACARERO, desde Chile...el mejor." - Cristian



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