What is a Chacarero?

A chacarero is a traditional Chilean sandwich.

About Chacarero

Chilean native Juan Hurtado started selling his sandwiches from a pushcart. At first, the combination of green beans, grilled chicken or beef, avocado spread, sliced tomato, muenster cheese and hot sauce was a tough sell. People weren’t familiar with the soft, round bread that Hurtado bakes every morning. Then word spread that the sandwich was outstanding – and a bargain at the prices. He then had his famous Filene’s basement “hole in the wall” location which closed a few years back having him move into his current location, 101 Arch Street.

Hurtado started out with a pushcart and a lot of doubters. “People said things like ‘Am I going to like a sandwich with green beans?’” But he won them over with what he proclaims is the best sandwich in the world.” The chacarero may not be the next burger, but it does have plenty of potential.

With plenty of tables, there is plenty of space for you to eat your tasty Chacarero! But around lunchtime, you have to act fast and grab your table before it’s gone! On a typical weekday afternoon, the line runs around the block, as hungry passersby are lured by the scent of grilled beef and chicken. Owner Juan Hurtado says “One bite and you won’t mind the wait!”